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I’m in The Vulva Directory!

There are times when I genuinely think I am writing stuff and about 2 people are reading it (which frankly if it helps them…yaaay!) and get what also feels like three pity likes on Instagram from family and friends.

I never let it stop me though and I was SO FRICKING EXCITED to be able to contribute to the Vulva Directories, set up by the lovely Jody at the Happy Vulva Club to bring together resources for the many. So many vulvas…so great to see.

“Sex education and the understanding of our sexual organs should never be a privilege. No matter who we are, where we come from, our cultures, our faiths and beliefs… each and every one of us deserve to have a good understanding of our genitalia and reproductive system. We should all be given the tools and support to ourselves to learn about how our bodies work, how to care for it properly, to know what’s normal and how we can build our confidence in feeling comfortable in our own skin.”

My God I LOVE her.

There are some fantastic resources on there for all so do head over there and have a look! Her Instagram is also pretty great @happyvulvaclub

You can find my humble bio link here.

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