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No two women are the same. We don’t tick like clocks and we don’t whirl like machines. We’re a messy, hormonal, dysfunctional, intelligent, delicate system that spends most of its time complaining that we’re not using it to create new people. We’re basically awesome.

But so many of us don’t understand the simple things about our own cycles which would help in so many aspects of life. Which is where I come in.

I undertook a very unscientific and probably statistically inaccurate survey of a very small group of women of all walks of life that I could find through free means while at being in full time work.

Of the 274 women who filled in the survey 74% of them only had a ‘vague idea’ about their cycles and when their periods were due and 60% of them weren’t quite sure when the menopause was supposed to strike while 25% of these women only ‘sort of’ knew what the menopause was. 54% of them didn’t know when they were most fertile during their cycles, when this would be in their own cycle and when to take an accurate pregnancy test. Now I collected a lot of data from women on fertility sites and forums so it is skewed in the favour of women who are more clued up about their bodies – I was still pretty surprised by these results.

Speaking as someone who assumed vaguely regular periods were ok and then spent a frantic 9 months trying to get to grips with my own body when it turned out they weren’t, I could have saved a lot of stress by working these things out earlier. Not to mention the anecdotal evidence I have from many cocktails and coffees discussing various friend’s disasters with contraception, pregnancy, abortion and infertility….

Not only that but these things are small adjustments to everyday life which can make a big difference to your emotional and physical well being.

i’m emphatically not a doctor (although I do have had a few unofficially checking that I’m not spouting bollocks on here) but I am here to try and help in a fun and non clinical way. We also want to hear from you.

Like we said, no two of you are the same and being a woman is hard enough without loading a complicated hormonal system on us.

Let’s make it easier. Let’s be Clever C(nt)s.

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