She’s been with most of us for longer than we remember. And for some of us she is a never ending bitch of woe, frustration, pain and tears. Oh, and 10% of you don’t get any PMS (we hate you just a little right now), don’t be a-resting on those laurels as you may start with it later.

I didn’t used to get bad PMS until I hit 30 and indeed, it does appear to get worse with women over the age of 25.

No-one really knows what causes it (don’t get me started on what would happen if men suffered from PMS – I suspect we’d have found its root cause and fixed it years ago if they did) but it’s thought to be caused by the fluctuations of hormones in the body.

You’ve seen how awesome your body is. It’s working HARD to do this stuff. The pay off comes in the luteal phase and for some of us…it ain’t pretty.