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ADHD and Hormones

I wanted to highlight just how much your body can push things like ADHD into the foreground. Diagnosing ADHD in a child can dramatically help with their future ‘adult ADHD’ and as we all know being Clever about your body is important.

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When is the best time to have sex to conceive?

If you’ve read any of my site you‘re already a very Clever C(nt), you have been tracking your cycles for a few months so know when you are due roughly to ovulate (or whether you need more help identifying this), and you also already know the most fertile time in your cycle is during the… Continue reading When is the best time to have sex to conceive?

General/Women's Health

I’m in The Vulva Directory!

There are times when I genuinely think I am writing stuff and about 2 people are reading it (which frankly if it helps them...yaaay!) and get what also feels like three pity likes on Instagram from family and friends. I never let it stop me though and I was SO FRICKING EXCITED to be able… Continue reading I’m in The Vulva Directory!